Picnics, and why I take photos of food

Picnics, my love. What is it about packing up a simple meal, a blanket, and a couple of drinking vessels (in my case, two little jam jars that have become my "wine jars"), and finding a spot under the sun to enjoy it all? A big part of the magic of picnics, for me, is the slowing down of the meal. I don't know about you, but many of my meals these days are consumed a bit haphazardly in front of one screen or another. Taking the time to enjoy a meal out-of-doors, unhurried by the buzz and zing of a phone and ideally with someone you love is a time to be treasured. 


Looking up at the sky from all the way down here. Taking a deep breath of the fresh air that surrounds you. Sharing a basic, beautiful meal. These things are good for the head and for the soul. My favorite picnic includes quite a bit of cheese, a fresh, crumbly baguette, some sort of fruit and a bottle of wine. Any decent spot outside will do for the setting. Or, you know what? Sometimes an Inside Picnic is all you've got or just what you want. Roll with that. You can even picnic by yourself if that's the mood you're in, but picnics can get pretty dreamy so I'd suggest bringing along someone you want to make googly eyes at. A good pal works just as well, too. 


Food inspires me, as it does many people, but why photograph it? To me it represents a few things: joy, beauty, and community. Food brings people together, and doesn't need to be fancy. It also doesn't take much to make it fancy, which is a thing that I like about it. My favorite way to eat is simply, but with the best ingredients I can get my hands on, lingering over a table for hours with loved ones. Savoring each bite, with nowhere to rush off to right away and a few bottles of wine to drain in the meantime. Food photography reminds me of those times, and inspires me to try to create them. It showcases the natural beauty of food that just exists in this world in incredible colors and textures and flavors. And it's a great excuse to try to bring more beauty and enjoyment to an everyday act. 

Photo by Erik Hecht 

Photo by Erik Hecht